B&G Hydra Processor to / from Vulcan 9 via AT10 - NMEA 0183

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Hi al

Can anyone assist with the following B&G nmea question

Boat has B&G Hydra HPROD44 3003 cpu (see pics) and I'm trying to work out what manual I need to use to work out the nmea inputs.

When I connect my laptop (RS485 adaptor) to the processors nmea pins 21 through to 27 as per the manual I'm not seeing any data (Have just read it might be a MK2 in the forums but I'm off the boat at present)

Manual version I'm using is Hydra 2000 HB-0845-06
Have also looked at some earlier manuals 844-05 and 845-05 respectively.

Or is this unit a MK2 and I need a different manual?

The Vulcan 9 has an AT10 converter which works fine of wind, depth etc but I'm after WPT data to the FDD display for offshore and coastal races.

Can see valid RMB, RMC and BWC on the AT10 output - Which is being fed directly to and from the FFD via the AT10

But I see that the Hydra 2000 manual says it's best to send it to and from the processor so wanted to see if that fixes the issue of the waypoint data not showing on the FFD.

Trusting someone can shed a bit of light on the above as the nmea BWC and RMC sentences seem to be compatible with the B&G nmea sentence structure in the above manuals.

Hydra HPROD44 3003 Processor.jpg

Hydra Wiring.jpg