Bangor Maine Dinghy Sailing?

So the job hunt has been pretty tough and I'm seriously considering an opportunity in Bangor Maine, the jewel of the east....

Anybody have the digs on whats up with dinghy sailing there? I recently did a classic yacht regatta in Castine, and delivered the boat south. Most of the sailing I saw was cruising, ancient wooden boat stuff. I'm not particularly interested in that, I like fast athletic sailing against other boats. Thanks for any info



Maybe a DN...

I went to school in Castine... Mostly PHRF up in that neck of the woods. Look towards Mount Desert though. I know Northeast Harbor used to have an active IOD fleet. There may be some dinghy racing up there and it's not too bad a drive from the Bangor area.


C Koch

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Bangor, the jewel of the east? Surely you can't be serious?

Okay, I guess it's not THAT bad, but Bangor's on a river with big tidal flows and I'm not aware of singhy racing there.

dnbchrd summed it up well. Northeast Harbor Fleet ( boasts some racing and one-design, but I have no idea what it takes to get in on it.


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