Bedding thru hulls and a giant transducer... (and sikaflex vs 3m)


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Bronze, alloy or those cheap little plastic jobs?

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Someone will come on hear preaching why it's so horrible to use 5200 I am sure and how even sika flex is to strong. I say screw that! I dont install thru hulls or transducers with the intention of wanting them to be easily removed down the road. I have installed well over thousand thru hulls and ducers in my life and every single on got 5200 or sika flex used as the bedding material. Not a single one of them has ever leaked.

If to the person that says use 4200 instead sure go ahead but honestly your still going to destroy the fitting taking it out so you might as well step up to 5200 for the absolutely postativly has to bond and never fail option



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Bronze, alloy or those cheap little plastic jobs?
Little plastic jobs? Are you high?


Trend, I've had good luck removing 5200 with Antibond then using 100lb spectra line to saw through the bond. Also heat helps (as in the nice $300 or whatever Bosch heat gun) Probably also helps using the correct amount and not gooping everything to death.

Just curious about Sikaflex and its direct competitors to 4200/5200.

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Sikaflex should be just fine. This isn't a high-flex application and I wouldn't expect measurable movement.

In my opinion, 5200 has no marine application. I'd use Sikaflex or 4200, which seem to be interchangeable in most applications.

Good luck