Best $25,000 Bang for your Buck


There was an Atrim 27 close by that he should have bought Checked off all of the boxes

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laser 28  in oklahoma


Kirby 30 

- PHRF: 132

- 5,500 lbs so trailerable 

- all controls lead to cockpit

- fractional rig so the genoa / spin not too big to handle

i second the Laser 28 - standing headroom, pretty quick.

also, any C&C between 27 - 30' - comfortable cockpits, typically good ratings, though very few are on a trailer

biggest challenge right now is there is very little available - according to Yachtworld, in the US (great lakes region) and Ontario there are a sum total of 90 sailboats for sale in your price range, of which I would guess > 50% have an offer on them.  If you are looking across all of Canada (no US boats), then you are down to 20 boats, of which 5 already have an offer on them.



That may pay for the right to rent a slip in Santa Royale.  You then get to pay property tax on this right after paying the slip "transfer fee". Then you must pay luxury tax on your 25' boat.  Now you pay a parking permit fee.  Then you pay the slip rent.  This pretty much uses up your budget and you have no boat yet.


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There is a Laser 28 for sale in West Van currently, sitting on a trailer and in pretty good shape overall. $17,900.
Except for the topside paint job.  And included sail inventory.

Has rebuilt Bukh - so it has that going for it.  But a rebuild can mean several things depending on who performed it.

Decent price if the newish sail inventory were included in the price.

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Au contraire mon ami, if the bathtub cockpit in FLAK is anything like the other A30s I've sailed on it is perfect for safe and secure napping. 

Way more comfie than the Evelyn 32-2 we once borrowed for a 300 mile doublehanded race where the cockpie was still the best bet for naps.

Going upwind in a MORC Maxi is about as sweet a ride as you can get. They put three speed winches on those boats for a reason. There is a lot of sheet to pull in tacking. 

I agree with other posters that they don’t have any real vices. 

Having sailed both MORC Maxis and a Laser 28. I would lean to the 28 if the boat is in good shape. The MORC Maxi is a full custom build so the boat should be fine. The Laser 28 has standing headroom, is nearly 3000 lbs lighter and planes when the breeze is up. 


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21 hours ago, Black Jack said:

I do like me an Aphrodite 101.

Buying a boat under 25k is easy. getting sails to make her go is another thing.

From last night's race. confirmed that they are nice, fast upwind under basic plan and fast down wind as evidenced.


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