Best booties for moth


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As per title, I have very slippy tramps and my really old, smooth soled Gul booties have no grip on them

Any recommendations?


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Oneill Superfreak Tropical 2mm. I use split toe for summer then go one size up with rounded toe and wetsuit socks for the winter.  

Most grip of any boot I've ever used, but wear quickly and very thin... so can be a bit fragile on pebbles. But the cost isn't too high so I forgive them wearing quickly, and really that's part of the grip and feel you get from them.

I cut off of ankle elastic toggle and whip the ends on the elastic together at a comfortable tightness otherwise I tend to pick up ropes on my heel. 

I have a pair of Zhik skiff boots that I use on the Waszp. Good support for foot and ankle (which I need as I have catastrophically flat feet) and excellent grip. Not cheap and I've not had them long so can't yet vouch for durability.



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No idea what might make a booty Moth specific  but this one seems awfully nice to me 




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Thanks for that, I'll have a look at all of them. Was recommended Windward (and Gul Viper)

Which Zhik ones @SeanPurdy?

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I have 2 pairs of Zhik for my laser.  The reinforced dingy boot, (the 460?) for heavy air and steady hiking and the light weight pair, (the 260? I might have these reversed) for light air.  The light weight boot actually allows for some feel if you have a line hooked around it, but does not have near the ankle support of the heavy boot.  I imagine that might be more important on a heavy hiking boat like the laser than the balancing act on a moth?  They are both very durable, but I try not to wear them in parking lots.