Best mainsheet ratchet min 50mm

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Looking at the link above, it does not indicate the spring load is adjustable like the blocks i have. Not that i adjust the main sheet much, i do adjust my spin sheets in very light and or windy conditions. For wire running i max the spring for holding power and in light I take most off so it runs free. In transition conditions and when i leave it its on about half
For the soft attach T2? 

Yeah odd, we've got two on our boat and we've never thought to adjust them and to be honest I didn't think they could be adjusted. The manual for the T2 does state as a feature. "Ratchet engagement adjustable: adjustable to ratchet at higher/lower load to match sailor's strength and sailing style." But then I don't see it mentioned anywhere else in the manual. 

The swivel ratchamatic definitely does have adjustable engagement though using a hex key down in to the sheave and there is instruction in it's manual. 


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The T2 auto ratchets aren’t adjustable. They also have some features in the center hub that require a long enough strop to allow the ratchet to disengage when unloaded. If the attachment strop is tied too tight the blocks don’t work that well.

I like the standards on a swivel.

Agree with most that the "holy" Fredrickson 60 was impressive in holding power and nice to your lines.

I'm currently rolling around in my laser with one of the gold colored 1.5X harken HTE auto ratchets.  The holding power is great, but be warned the downside of the 1.5 and 2.0X blocks is going to be the expense of replacing your sheets more often, especially if you're using something with polypro or straight poly in the cover.  These blocks really require a sheet with some technora or other high abrasion resistance in the cover if it's a sheet that will get played actively.

It's been years, but I was never successful with the Ronstan 55mm options from a durability factor.  They held fine while they worked, but never lasted more than a season or two.



Tried the fredrickson in heavy breeze the first time the other day and absolutely hated it, it would be nice in lighter breeze but it just didn't hold well and made easing/triming through puffs miserable. Best I've tried so far is the Harken auto.


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Have you had a look at the Allen ratchet blocks?

The sheaves in their ratchet blocks are made from Nylon and as such don't wear through the rope as quickly as aluminium sheaves. They have also just launched a new design. The "Wave" ratchet. It offers more grip than their standard ratchet whilst not giving any additional wear. 

Here's a press release about it 



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Might be a little different but when I had a Sabre (similar main size to a Laser Radial)  I used two ratchets.  

The Harken T2 on the boom (which is obviously permantly on) and a Ronstan Orbit as the last block on the thwart.

This gave me many options as hear in Tasmania the breeze is rarely the same all day.

I found just using the T2 wasn't enough holding power in a blow so if it was a big day I'd switch the Orbit on.

An up/down day I'd have the Orbit in auto and if it was looking light all day I could switch the Orbit off.

In a regatta when it blew I found the difference in how much my arms hurt at the end of the day amazing with this setup



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Good info that!

I purchased the Harken Ratchamatic and had it all set up ready to go. I couldn't wait to try it out.

So I drove 2000km to our Nationals, and whilst rigging up I realised that I had left both my Ratchamatic AND what it replaced back home!! By chance I borrowed an old Orbit and found it really good...


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Both would be better with the soft attachment rather than a stainless swivel.

Convince me otherwise..
floor mounted ratchets need to stand up.. flopping on the floor would be bad news. I guess you could hack something up with a soft attachment.

As for side-mounted. . you want them to stay put so they don't tangle. Soft attach means you now have to find both an anchor point, and a place to tie it fwd of the keep it aligned when unloaded.

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