Best Trimaran Names

"Flying Circus", especially when the kids are on board...
Bob DeLong's Val, which he built in the early 80s and was truly a piece of art, was named Flying Circus. Tragically, last I saw, it was rotting away on a mooring in Newport Harbor with about a foot of mussells on the bottom. A friend of mine owned it after Bob, and it was a joy to sail. One of the best sails I ever had was on it going from Anacapa to Catalina with the spinnaker up. We were sitting in beach chairs on the windward wing, drinking beers, eating sandwiches and listening to the Dodger game while cruising along at double digit speeds with the auto-pilot on. Eventually the wind got strong enough that we starting steering for the thrill of surfing it in the 3 - 5' seas.

Where in Newport is this boat?
On a mooring near Balboa Penninsula a little bit south of the Pavilion, if memory serves correctly. It has been 2 or 3 years since I have looked for it, although it was there for a looooooong time before that. Don't know if it is still there, it may have sunk by now.
Probably the same one I'm thinking about... so still there.


Graham M

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...still there. A sad sight but a work of art none the less, paddled around FC on tuesday, much loved by the sea lions.


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