Better on one tack than the other upwind


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You dont need any fancy fish scale

Tie a heavy weight ( I use a 12kg kettlebell) to a halyard exiting at the hounds - usually the jib halyard but might be a spinnaker halyard if its just above forestay.

Make sure the mast is central in the boat before doing anything else.

Also check speed with a gps not your log and try doing it in flat water with no tide
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Mid, I am going to give the centeredness one more go round before I proclaim it there but it is reasonably close if you are talking about the top of the mast. If you are talking about the mast base I have never really worked on that so I will look with a measuring tape. As for the keel and rudder, they look fine by eye but I have never attempted to measure them. 

Trying to imagine how to measure these accurately....
just taking a flyer here, but without a template for your boat ... if you can establish a centerline on deck, and all is symmetrical out to the toerail, you could take a soft tape measure around the hull to various points on the keel and rudder.



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I have done one more set of tuning and set the tip of the mast centered once more using the bucket of water and we have it somewhere less than half an inch. My Vakaros just arrived so I am going to get it mounted this week and see from GPS SOG how we stack up. 

Since last tuning we have raced twice and not noticed the difference in the speed but had a lot to think about as well with a short course and lots of boats around.

Will keep this thread posted.



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