Bezos a sailor too (slightly different scale than Zuckerberg)

Chimp too

You can do Dynarigs with top sections that can be lowered, although not as easy. One advantage of dynarigs though is that they don’t need backstays and long booms that get in the way of helipads.

 I know of a far sexier, similar sized boat that will be moving from drawing board to build very soon. Probably about half the displacement of Bezos thing and genuinely sailable- probably!


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A friend if mine is working on that boats  masts 

he tell me that they are enormous , pharaonic in scale , and retractable or foldable so that the vessel can pass under bridges 
I've had foldable masts for years. These chaps should try to keep up.

One day I'll work out how to unfold them


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Is this the rig design developed undercover?

"This Windjammer Project is a 86 meter (loa) three-masted barque. Her hull will be from Alustar aluminium, the masts from aluminium to the height of the cross-trees, then carbon fibre. The yards (also carbon fibre) will feature ingenious in-yard furling for the square sails.

This project is a design study."


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And another thing.  If there's going to be a bowsprit on her (which the shape of the bow would suggest) there's no hole for it, and no tangs for bobstay or dolphin-striker either.  Curious.
In the spirit of xkcd 386, I’m not sure about that? By the chafe plate, and in line with the second yellow hull support for the bowsprit shrouds.

Who knows? We shall find out at some point.

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On the phone the rigger told me that he was working inside the boom

The boom was 30 meters long 

didn’t ask what “Boom “ meant … 


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Yes, both a dolphin striker mount (the upper one) and a bobstay fitting on the waterline.  This suggests not a Diana Rigg.  Shame!
Ah, Diana Rigg. A nice eulogy from her daughter, Rachael Stirling.

She once took a very recognisable national treasure to a sex shop. He had confessed to her that sex with his wife was on the wane so she took him to Soho, marched into the emporium and loudly instructed: “GRAB A BASKET, DEAR!”



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Am I alone in seeing a hull shape from when, the 1880's??  Way tapered, and long overhangs. 

I know squat about design, but looks like not much of a keel.  Is there a retractable keel extension for upwind work?


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