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America started to die the minute we willingly accepted a president who:
Never did anything for 50 years.
Ran twice before and lost both times.
Once got kicked out of a presidential race for plagiarism.
Has an unapologetic and active crackhead for a son.
Had a KKK member for a best friend.
Never ran a real campaign, and what he did run he ran it from his basement.
Can’t give coherent speeches.
Wouldn’t tell 2020 voters his policy platform.
Only promised not to be the other guy.
When he “won,” immediately started treating half our country like unwanted criminals.
When he opened our most dangerous border, we didn’t immediately impeach him as a traitor.
If you voted for this president, you’re the problem.

Wrong. You are bad at math. 71 million USAnians might have been stupid, or deluded, or mean-spirited, or unthinkingly loyal to the GOP, enough to vote for Trump but less than half of them are actual Jan 6 traitor criminals or wanna-bees.

You might be one. Feel free to fuckin' leave if you hate equality and civil rights. Russia is accepting defectors.
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You might be one. Feel free to fuckin' leave if you hate equality and civil rights. Russia is accepting defects. {note modified post}


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If a senile old idiot that stumbles thru the day can lead America back to greatness what does that say about the TFG and GOP alternatives?

Today it appears that a large bloc of the centrist right might snuggle up as close as they can to the centrist left. The MAGA bloc having yet again demonstrated that they have nothing beyond hate and faux outrage. Sad for the centrist GOP that Biden’s rightward move has not left any room for the conservatives to define themselves. The coming fight over the fetid scraps of conservatism is going to be ugly. What issue remains in their platform? Glorification of assault weapons?

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