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Biden Gun Control

Pertinacious Tom

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Biden Gun Control

Joe has lots of gun control plans, probably the most significant being a Beto-like approach to


Get weapons of war off our streets. The bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that Biden, along with Senator Feinstein, secured in 1994 reduced the lethality of mass shootings. But, in order to secure the passage of the bans, they had to agree to a 10-year sunset provision and when the time came, the Bush Administration failed to extend them. As president, Biden will:

  • Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotgun. That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children. It’s wrong. Joe Biden will enact legislation to once again ban assault weapons. This time, the bans will be designed based on lessons learned from the 1994 bans. For example, the ban on assault weapons will be designed to prevent manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor changes that don’t limit the weapon’s lethality. While working to pass this legislation, Biden will also use his executive authority to ban the importation of assault weapons. 

  • Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act. Currently, the National Firearms Act requires individuals possessing machine-guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles to undergo a background check and register those weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Due to these requirements, such weapons are rarely used in crimes. As president, Biden will pursue legislation to regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act. 

  • Buy back the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines already in our communities. Biden will also institute a program to buy back weapons of war currently on our streets. This will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government, or register them under the National Firearms Act.

  • Reduce stockpiling of weapons. In order to reduce the stockpiling of firearms, Biden supports legislation restricting the number of firearms an individual may purchase per month to one.
Like the rest of the candidates from a certain part of the Duopoly, he thinks squirrel rifles and plinking pistols in the censored caliber are "weapons of war" which seems silly to me but I guess passes as common sense gun control. I won't say which part of the Duopoly since doing so seems to upset ben and I like him, but let's just say this fact has a liberal bias.
The big difference between his plan and Beto's is that Beto wants to take your "assault" weapons regardless of your wealth. Biden's idea is to take your property only if you can't come up with the $200 tax in the National Firearms Act, so basically is aimed at taking them from poor people. In any other context, people might point out that this disproportionately affects minorities. In this context, it's like New York and New Jersey charging hundreds of dollars for permission to exercise second amendment rights. Just common sense gun control.

  • Reinstate the Obama-Biden policy to keep guns out of the hands of certain people unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons, which President Trump reversed. In 2016, the Obama-Biden Administration finalized a rule to make sure the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends to the background check system records that it holds of individuals who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms because they have been adjudicated by the SSA as unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons. But one of the first actions Donald Trump took as president was to reverse this rule. President Biden will enact legislation to codify this policy.
I'm still with the ACLU on that one. They said in a 2017 letter to the House of Representatives:

In December 2016, the SSA promulgated a final rule that would require the names of all Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit recipients – who, because of a mental impairment, use a representative payee to help manage their benefits – be submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which is used during gun purchases. We oppose this rule because it advances and reinforces the harmful stereotype that people with mental  disabilities, a vast and diverse group of citizens, are violent.

There is no data to support a connection between the need for a representative payee to manage one’s Social Security disability benefits and a propensity toward gun violence. The rule further demonstrates the damaging phenomenon of “spread,” or the perception that a disabled individual with one area of impairment automatically has additional, negative and unrelated attributes. Here, the rule automatically conflates one disability-related characteristic, that is, difficulty managing money, with the inability to safely possess a firearm.

The rule includes no meaningful due process protections prior to the SSA’s transmittal of names to the NICS database. 

Meaningful due process is such a bummer.

Put America on the path to ensuring that 100% of firearms sold in America are smart guns. Today, we have the technology to allow only authorized users to fire a gun. For example, existing smart gun technology requires a fingerprint match before use. Biden believes we should work to eventually require that 100% of firearms sold in the U.S. are smart guns. But, right now the NRA and gun manufacturers are bullying firearms dealers who try to sell these guns. Biden will stand up against these bullying tactics and issue a call to action for gun manufacturers, dealers, and other public and private entities to take steps to accelerate our transition to smart guns.
I've addressed this one and voiced my support for the technology in the relevant thread, but also noted that

Acknowledging how this law has actually inadvertently impeded smart guns from coming onto the marketplace, New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg, who sponsored the original mandate, tells 60 Minutes that as early as next week, she will ask her state's legislature to repeal the law and replace it with one mandating at least one smart gun be for sale wherever weapons are sold in her state....
Weinberg's bill didn't go as far as Biden wishes to go since it covered new guns. "100% of firearms sold" would include used ones.

  • Stop “ghost guns.” One way people who cannot legally obtain a gun may gain access to a weapon is by assembling a one on their own, either by buying a kit of disassembled gun parts or 3D printing a working firearm. Biden will stop the proliferation of these so-called “ghost guns” by passing legislation requiring that purchasers of gun kits or 3D printing code pass a federal background check. Additionally, Biden will ensure that the authority for firearms exports stays with the State Department, and if needed reverse a proposed rule by President Trump. This will ensure the State Department continues to block the code used to 3D print firearms from being made available on the Internet.
As mentioned in the relevant thread, the problem with attempting to censor code on the internet is that contumacious individuals will do stuff like this in response to any such attempt.

Twitter Heeds Senator Menedez's Censorship Call


For whatever reason, I haven't been banned for this:
I'm not sure that Biden's rule would apply to my actions, since I didn't buy nor sell the information he wants to censor. I'm pretty sure my actions would undermine any such censorship, which is kinda the point, just like when I exported PGP to Anguilla in response to attempted censorship of that code in the 90's. That one was definitely a felony at the time but I never got in trouble. 

Address the epidemic of suicides by firearms. Biden believes any plan to address the gun violence epidemic must address suicides by firearms, which account for 6 in 10 gun-related deaths but are often left out of the conversation. Many of the policies noted above – including safe storage requirements and extreme risk protection orders – will have a serious impact on efforts to reduce gun violence. But there’s so much more we need to do to support people experiencing suicidal ideation. In the months ahead, Biden will put forward a comprehensive plan to improve access to mental health services.
As mentioned in the relevant thread, the US has a pretty average suicide rate. That thread has grown to epic length because suicides are so frequently brought up as a justification for gun control. The suicides that are left out are not the ones using guns, but all the others. They don't support any political agenda so are seldom discussed.


Must be the guns.
Biden also wants to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act but I already talked about that in the relevant thread.


Pertinacious Tom

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Does this meean dogballs might be outlawed? :ph34r:
Already done in some places and proposed nationwide. They're too lethal for the Israeli Defense Forces, as noted previously...

I learned something about battlefield dogballs's today.

Did you tell them that the Israeli Army uses them for sniper weapons? 


Operator armed with the Ruger0/Dogballs Suppressed sniper rifle during the Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the Occupied Territories, October 2000. Note that the sniper has a Sig Sauer handgun tacked in his vest.
I guess badlat must have forgotten to include his source.


...the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) searched for a 0dogballs caliber accurate rifle that will be used to take out the key protest leaders by shooting them in the legs.

The Ruger0/Dogballs, fitted with a X4 day optic, a full length suppressor and a Harris bipod was selected for this role and was due to be issued to all infantry oriented units, including both special and conventional forces. However, as often happens in the shoestring budget IDF, financial problems prevented the weapon’s mass distribution, and it was mainly issued to Special Forces (SF) units. Moreover, instead of using the rifle as a riot control weapon, as originally intended, the Israeli SF deployed the Ruger0/Dogballs more as a “Hush Puppy” weapon used to silently and effectively eliminate disturbing dogs prior to operations.

In the recent Israeli-Palestinian clashes began in 2000, the Ruger resumes it’s original role as a less lethal riot control weapon. However, it’s usage in this role was rather controversial this time. After several incidents involving the death of Palestinians by the Ruger fire, the IDF conducted a field experiment in the Ruger at the IDF Sniper School in Mitkan Adam under the supervision of the IDF Judge Advocate General (JAG). The test showed that the Ruger was more lethal then thought especially in upper body injuries. Also, since it’s suppressed and was considered less lethal by the troops, the soldiers were much more likely to use the Ruger loosely then intended.

As a result of this test, the JAG reclassified the Ruger as a lethal weapon. As a lethal weapon, the usage of the Ruger in riot control is much more limited today. In the IDF Center Command it was completely prohibited to use and the IDF South Command it’s deployment was cut down dramatically.
So it turns out that guns like my wife's are actually too dangerous for the IDF! Yikes! It's really weird that it's so darn popular in Canada. Bloodthirsty, eh?



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I don't have a problem with these weapons as the operation of them is probably covered in the required assembly occurring with a frequency of somewhere between twice a year and once every 10,000 or so years.  (Don't hold me to the upper limit.  It could be longer.). 

No cite is available at this time.  We regret any emotional distress this may case.



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Already done in some places and proposed nationwide. They're too lethal for the Israeli Defense Forces, as noted previously...
Dear Plentyimpotent Tom, if your wife's weapon is too dangerous for the IDF, why do you complain about Diane Feinstein's move to ban it?


Pertinacious Tom

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I don't have a problem with these weapons as the operation of them is probably covered in the required assembly occurring with a frequency of somewhere between twice a year and once every 10,000 or so years. 
But what if we need participation by people who can't afford to pay for the required permission to exercise their rights? Not that there's anything racist, regressive, or troubling about such things.



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Mohammed Bin Lyin said:
The Ruger0/Dogballs rimfire is so dangerous the Israelis stopped using it in favour of centrefire rifles with much higher power.

The English and New Zealanders still allow people to own these semi auto rimfire0/Dogballs, why do you think the US should have tougher laws with this type of firearm ?
I could source the articles which encourage the use of this weapon as a centerpiece of any 'prepper' provisioning plans; I am sure you have already read them. I have also discussed this with Tom at length, so I would recommend you ask him to dig them up since I am not inclined to do that.



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Proposals to outlaw them are such evidence. Joseph Pelleteri's case is proof that the intent has been carried out.
Pelleteri had an eighteen shooter in 1991, after New Jersey wisely legislated that was over the top in NJ. Too bad for Pelleteri , in NJ.


Hmmm.  The USA is swimming with bona fide AW's not being collected, three per each AW owner on average. These battle guns are presently un-collectable, and you maintain that even the plinkers are gonners.

You are wailing away, for years on end, about shit which you made up. And this brings you fulfillment? 


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