Big Tom Wed Night Series


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It looks like Chicken Man AKA Eagle with have to use his unlimited throw system and low point scoring to possibly get on the podium.

If he's lucky

And the HACK J24 Fleet is having a stellar turnout each week.

These J24 idiots managed to destroy a really good beer can series. 


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The idiots running this event went to unlimited throw outs and low point scoring for a 17 race series.

They are promoting mediocre sailors and hacks 

quod umbra said:
First they killed EBYRA and now Big Tom ERA is on life support.

And Dawg, City Island, Bronx NY. They race in the shadows of the Throgs Neck Bridge with Kings Point to the south and NY Maritime to the west.
OK, the east coast of no-man's land. Sorry guys I have only sailed in the Narragansett Bay on my Paralympic adventure.

We have a 22 race series, allow a discard every 4 races (completed) and adjust ratings after each race based on how well you do or don't do.
It is a pain in the ass for the scorer (me) who gets nothing but grief and 1 free drink and dinner. I have given notice that after 6 years of scoring, I am done and just want to sail while I can.

My boat projects are done, The Mighty Gumbercules 56267, is on the schedule to get hauled and a real sprayed bottom done and will be in the water for the rest of the year or longer. I have had an Anarchist who said he wanted to sail later this year on vacation..........I'll be ready and I hope there are others that might want to sail on a bit of Bruce King history. - ZAP 26 Sailboat

My ISP is about 34" taller. Look up the sail number at So Cal PHRF. I also paid for an ORR-ez rating.



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Cristoforo said:
Racing in  that area died when EDDDDDDDdddddd and the Starship started a new series on planet Vulcan.   
Racing on Planet Vulcan sucks. Bunch of oldies who only like pursuit starts and triangle courses (organized by the guys with the longest waterlines, of course). Makes Big Tom look like the olympics. Then again, sailing in January is pretty damn cool. 

It's a shame to see CIYC kill what used to be such an amazing competitive series. 



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Just so I have this straight..... 

J/24 Fleet 61 pushes EBYRA to give them their own start and two starts a night. EBYRA votes and says no. Then Fleet 61 races on their own for years. Then EBYRA is dismantled by wingnuts, creates the Big Tom Series and gives the J/24 fleet what they always wanted -- their own division and two races a night. Then nobody shows up (two boats). J/24s then join a non-spinnaker division, racing against boats they have nothing in common with. Do I have that right? 

A real shit show. So glad I left.