Black walnut toe rails?


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I am probably going to replace the original teak toe rails on my two J boats this fall/winter.
The J-22 is a 1984
The J-24 is a 1980

I am going to turn 70 this winter.

I am a little more experienced with respect to teak maintenance than I was way back when and I am convinced a new set will hold up better than the old toerails I ignorantly abused.

If I am wrong about this I may be replacing the rails before my 110th birthday.

In 40 years
I probably need to do mine, a big job as the deck bolts go through it. I don't know how stiff/brittle walnut is vs. teak or mahogany. Even for a toe rail, teak may need steam bending. So, plastic has its appeal, and while the look isn't great, slotted aluminum sure is handy.

As far as length goes, I'd want to add a midship cleat w/ hawse anyway. So no need to be as long as the boat. Two 10-12' pieces would work.

What make is your boat, and is it on Mine's Two Moons, Pacific #250

If you do this, definitely show-and-tell!

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