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OK, let;s see if you guys can help me.

As you know, I'm working with the BIRW Race Committee (yep, no racing for me!) and we need to get high speed internet connection to the Race Committee Office.

Over the last few years, the only and best we've been able to get to the trailer was (is) a DSL line with at best 750K up and maybe 1.5MB down from Verizon. We need something much better than that primarily because of the Media, Photos, Videos, Newspaper, etc that needs to be uploaded and distributed.

We've searched up and down and so far no luck on anything better. I've tried looking into companies that provide WiMax but still haven't found one that gets to and covers BI.

Does anyone know of and can recommend a high speed, broadband service provider that would be able to get us fast internet service? We need to get the lines/service/coverage to the area where the RC Trailers are or next to the Oar.

Any suggestions, recommendations, thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated. PM me if you prefer.



p.s.1. yes, keep in mind that we have limited budget. Satellite would not be cheap! And we only need it for the month as no one provides it by the week!

p.s.2. I'm sure we/they would be willing to trade or give some exposure if there's a company that can and is willing to provide is interested



Couldn't Verizon drag one of their disaster recovery trailers out for the week? good promotion visibility so long as there's no disaster to go service.



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Comcast is the cable operator on the island, aren't they? Do they offer high-speed Internet on BI?

If you could get Line-of-Sight to Pt. Judith or Montauk, had the bucks to spend, and an ISP to connect to, you could look into installing a point-to-point unlicensed radio link - Memorylink, Cambium, Ubiquiti, Proxim.

Or you can try Hughesnet.

Good luck.

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