boat crash

Croatia, Zadar channel. Motor boat crashed into Sailing boat. Both boats sunked. 

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There were two adults and two children on board the sailboat. All four are alive although very shaken and one spent the night in hospital. 

The google translation has the Italian mobo driver coming over as arrogant and ignorant of all aspects of the COLREGS.



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Google translate leaves some uncertainty but the following certainly sets the tone:

" The charm and arrogance of the Italian owner of a motorboat is unbelievable that for the whole time of the event and the three-seater drag they did not ask for the health of the people on the boat. This is done by weekend captains with minimal knowledge, who obviously do not respect the sea.  "



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So a fairly standard ramming by a powerboat then?

That trawler looks like it would have trouble doing 10 Knots so they couldn't have done better if it was deliberate.

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Fryslan boppe!

That trawler looks like it would have trouble doing 10 Knots so they couldn't have done better if it was deliberate.
By the looks of the lines at the stern, it might actually be a planing hull. With a few hundred horses, this thing might be able to go a lot faster than 10 knots...

The skiper tried to imitate our idiot Horvatincic who killed two Italians with his Itama when they were on a sailboat. Autopilot ON, brain OFF. Horvatincic was with much younger lady, the Italian guy was with a young Brazilian lady... In this case there was no casualities


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I haven't seen the video or article but this situation is very sad. Equally as sad is when boats under power, race committee boats non the less, shout at YOU, when you are on starboard tack in a dinghy that you are getting to close. Last night we had a 4 man rowing team in an old wooden log canoish thing tell us "cutting it close there boys". Umm, we're in the sailboat, not under power, trying to douse the kite in a limited maneuverability situation and you're just flat out rowing like no one else is there? Should we have avoided both this situation, probably yes but there is a lot of traffic and its the responsibility of all to know the regs.



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from the news link, the only comment i saw i think summed up my feelings too   from google translate Croatian to english

Damir Jerkov · Veteran at MORH Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia

To charge the ape for all the costs of seeking and rescue, damages to the family that he has struck, damages on their ship, a penalty that is at least three times greater than that amount and a permanent ban on sailing in our part of the Adriatic. Not only for him but for warning others who are waiting for them to indulge.