Bob Oatley RIP


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Sad to see him go. He was a great attribute to Australian sailing and the business world. I hope Sandy continues his cause. RIP Robert Oatley.



Nice to see SA getting on the bandwagon after kicking the crap out of the WOXI program post S2H. Full of shit? I'd never say that.

We have covered Bob since the beginning. We have spent time on WOXI on Bob's invitation, we have gotten to know the wonderful crew, and we have enjoyed his time in the sport immensely. The fact that they screwed up the race this year was fact, and we covered that too.

You are one of those smarmy fucks who thinks bad performances should be secret. PUSSY. Thank god most aussies are not as whinging.

Back to thoughts for Bob now.

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Condolences to family and friends. Bob played hard all the way to the end. He will be missed. Fair winds sir...following seas...

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[SIZE=14.6667px]Tonight, in Seattle, glasses will be raised and prayers rendered for a life well lived and with heartfelt condolences for all the Oatley family and friends![/SIZE]



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He was sorely missed when he moved out of smaller boats and now the ultimate departure. Thanks Mr Oatley.....enjoy Valhalla.

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