Bobby Keys - DTS


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Sad to hear of the passing of the great Bobby Keys, definitely the # 1 sax man on the soundtrack of my life. A huge contributor to the sound of the Stones, Derek & The Dominoes, John Lennon and so much more. Keith Richards main man, they shared the same birthday, but Bobby has gone way too soon at just 70. Thanks Bobby for some of the greatest rifs in rock, I'm off to put Brown Sugar on my turntable for a spin in your memory.


Sol Rosenberg

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A very sad loss, way too soon. What an amazing talent, who I was fortunate enough to hear first-hand on many occasions. Damn.


On The Hard

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Don't know if it was his, but I have to think it was. "Waitin on a friend" is one of my favorite stone song and wonderful sax tying it all together


Bus Driver

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Last Summer I heard a story on the radio of how he came to join the Stones. Seems he was ready to chuck it all in and get a day job. Then, one day, his wife told him the Rolling Stones called and suggested he call them back.

Will see if I can find that.