Boom vs Boomless


Cape Cod MA
I went halfway between and built a mini boom out of an RDM windsurfing mast. On my 24 I went square top and to keep the area the same shortened the boom. Not enough to go boomless as the 24 traveller is pretty far forward.

It looks like this rolls great and after up laminating with uni carbon doesn't bend excessively. this photo is before stiffening.


After stiffening



pretty easy project as projects go.

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I had boomless rigs on the Stiletto 23, 27GT and 30. I liked the weight and cost saving, and elimination of a head-knocker. I didn't like the mainsail getting fuller when the mainsheet was eased in a puff. Only ever reefed the 30 one time, at sea, in big wind and waves. It was a bitch to get the mainsheet block snap shackled to the flogging reef clew, standing on the back of the boat with it jumping around in the seaway. When I built a 27 for myself, I put a boom on it not so much for the sail shape issues, but to create a compression strut for the 3:1 mainsheet fine tune tackle I had running along side the boom. The tackle was connected to the dead end of the 7:1 mainsheet through a turning block on the end of the boom. This gave us a 21:1 mainsheet with enough throw (because of the length of the boom) to be able to completely cast off the mainsheet, rather than just ease it. This was comforting when sailing in the black whirlies... and also made trimming on a long power reach a whole lot less fatiguing.


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