Bowmar port lights on j/34c ?


Does anyone know what model of Bowmar port lights were installed on the j/34c ? All my port lights are leaking and I’m trying to source new gaskets.





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Austin Texas

i chopped up a J-34 a few years ago.

I have sold one of the three spinnakers but still have two 

all the sails were either Dacron snd have been recut fit other boats or Mylar which were falling apart 

just in case you ever have a need I still have:

mast, boom, a lot of Harken track and many cars, not sure about the rudder but I am pretty sure we have the metal tiller cheek  pieces 

there were eight winches. I think all the self ailing are gone 

we have the Volvo- Penta . I don’t even know if it turns over but I could check if anybody ever cares 

we have the ladder that goes down into the cabin 

I hope you never need any of the stuff other than the spinnakers but it wouldn’t hurt to remember the stuff is in Austin just in case 

the spinnakers : it had light medium snd heavy chutes. In fact it had an incredible sail inventory.    In 1988.  It lost on the racecourse and the owner let it sit 27 years . 

we hauled it out snd tried to sell it as a project boat and after about four years we gave up and parted it out. 


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