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Do you take the time to debrief the race at the end of the day? We all know we should do it. Some of us do it better.

One slide is enough to convey key improvement areas. It takes a few minutes to prepare. You will look smart. You might even win a few more races!

Our friends at ChartedSails have compiled some great examples. Take a look - and let us know in the forum how you debrief with your crew. Comment here.

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I just checked out it is a bit much for most people here unless you are a top level Class racer.

I'm looking just for a good android marine GPS tracker app for my Motorola Ace 5G phone.
My crew last Wednesday showed me her iphone app "Water Sports Tracker" and our track on the course was laid out. It was so easy to see how we overstood the first lap to weather and how we did not on the second lap. Our downwind leg was identical.
Even though we overstood others overstood more and we did well rounding the weather mark on both laps just behind a sell sailed Olson 30. We also corrected over a very well sailed J24 over the 8.2 mile course
I keep telling people my boat is a great boat. I did have a full (6 + me driving) capable crew, that always helps.

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Yeah, at around $40/month, ChartedSails isn't going to be popular with your typical, or even with many serious club racers.

Race Qs may be a good alternative. It's showing its age and doesn't appear to be getting updates. But it's free, easy to use, and replays automatically show all other boats in the area (if they're on Race Qs too). So it works well for analyzing tactical decisions.