Bride Clearances on Halifax River Daytona Beach Yacht Club


You couldn't have picked a worse place to keep that boat. If it where mine and I was forced to live in Daytona I would keep it at St. Augustine and commute. 

Beautiful boat, and there are plenty of bigger boats in Florida. You will need a marina on the ocean side of any fixed bridges, but there are plenty of those marinas. The big question is where will you sail? Bermuda? No problem. Eastern Caribbean? No problem. Short sails around the keys and Bahamas? You will be limited to a minority of the water, because most of it is very shallow. It's do-able, though. A six foot draft, for example, will be limited to some degree, and stressful if you don't plan ahead. Away from Florida, the SE US coastline, and the Bahamas, the water depth situation improves.

Hmmm, listed draft is 7.8 feet. That's a lot for Ponce Inlet (Daytona). Better options are St Augustine to the North, and Port Canaveral to the south.


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