Brisbane to Gladstone


QLD Australia
Brisbane to Gladstone is on again starting good Friday. 320nm coastal race that is run in parallel with the Monohulls.

Multi start is roughly a 1/2 hour later and we have a beat to windward as well, before we head off towards Gladstone

I think we are down to 8 multihulls as Top Gun is stranded in Sydney.

There will be an interesting mix of fast and slow boats.

This is the rough entry list Listed in order of handicap rating:

Rex ORMA 60 ex Vodophone.

Rogntungu Crowther Southern Ocean 58. Light Carbon pod cat.

Boss Racing. 38' cat

Rushour 15m racer cruiser cat

Tantrum 2 42' french trimaran

Roamance Chamberlin 14 cat

Storm Bay Chamberlin 14 cat

Big Bird Grainger 33' trimaran



QLD Australia
Looks like breeze on ..... coming from the right direction at least.

2 NSW boats not coming so a very small fleet now.

Not sure how to encourage more boats to participate in these coastal races.



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Airlie Beach
Hi @bushsailoris the Gladstone race happening now that the lockdown is over?




QLD Australia
The race this year started with 15 prospective entries and finished with 3.
[SIZE=.9375rem]Rushour completed her 8th Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Yacht Race, coming 1st on OMR by just 69 seconds to Rex, the big Orma 60 trimaran followed by Storm Bay, the Chamberlain 14. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=.9375rem]This is by far the windiest race we've done, with up to 40 knots of wind over long periods of time and big seas.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=.9375rem]We completed the race in 23 hours, 3 hours slower than our fastest win in 2019.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=.9375rem]We started with reefed main and full jib, crossing the start line at 20 knots. By Caloundra Fairway we had a double reefed main and reefed jib and sailed the remainder of the race conservatively due to the severity of the squalls.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=.9375rem]We sailed 100nm with just a double reefed main.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=.9375rem]Our new C foils worked well to stabilise the boat, lifting the bows, although we broke the port foil sometime before Breaksea Spit.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=.9375rem]One of the reasons we did so well was because we had fantastic crew. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=.9375rem]We appreciate the efforts of the MYCQ, Port Curtis Sailing Club, Gladstone Ports Authority and all of Alan Larkin's companies who sponsor the race, along with North Sails and Redland City Marina.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=.9375rem]Photos below were taken in the bay before it got really wild.[/SIZE]