Britain replaces a PM - the process unfolds with considerable alacrity


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Thats so Jack Sparrow keyboard warrior thinking that are you his latest sycophant or do you read the Guardian and believe everything that a tax dodging left leaning media rag pumps out ?
I thought tax dodging was a rightie thing. Or is it not tax dodging when you bribe politicians to pass laws that will make you richer?


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The Guardian would agree with you.

But then are Amazon, Google, The Labour Party, The Guardian and such like, Rightie things?
Rightie things: laws that gave massive tax breaks to the ultra rich and corporations and made bribing politicians legal. What you listed are the entities that take advantage of those laws. So yeah, all rightie things.


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Liz Truss: “We have had a consensus of the Treasury, of economists, of the Financial Times and other outlets peddling a particular type of economic policy for the last 20 years and it hasn’t…delivered growth”

Euh, economists were against government plans on austerity and Brexit all the way back. Economists haven't been running the UK.
But at least she confirms the UK governments policy (read Tory) did not create growth for 20 years and counting.


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Are you guys ready for Boris’s return, can’t be much more than a couple years away.
I like your confidence.
You think the UK conservatives are planning a US Style "Return of the Native"

My dear, the way the west is going, I doubt that any of our major parties will survive in recognisable form over the next 3 years.

Haven't you noticed the swing to the hard right western Conservatives are taking?

The natural response to that will be a swing to the left from labour and the middle ground milling in confusion.

We're all up shit creek thanks to the Conservative clowns.
My dear, the way the west is going, I doubt that any of our major parties will survive in recognisable form over the next 3 years.
You really are out of touch, where have you been ? A swing to the right and left, that happened when Tony Blair was given the boot, thats coming up 15 years ago.

Browns cameo, Cameron, the Lib Dems totally annihilated with Cleggie sent off to the riches of Facebook, Corbyn's wonderful accidental take over of the Labour Party and the last one left standing T May who was probably the most useless of the lot.

Then in walks probably the most charismatic of all Boris, who despite his media image of Right Wing credentials, was probably the most middle road and liberal of the lot. Guess what, the media took against him and eventually he was bought down by one of his staffers employing a bottom pinching whip who happened to get pissed more than he should and did what all bottom pinchers do, pinched a bottom or two. How did we get so woke that happened ?

Nah sorry to disappoint you but with a first past the post, its only going to be a derivative of Labour as a coalition or the Conservatives who have the party infrastructure and history to be winners, just look at how well the Reform party is doing.


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I really think you should check your OED for the definition of Charisma.

I don't think it means what you think it means.