building a wood/glass hollow boom - need gooesneck help


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I need a gooseneck for this boom I'm building - the boom has plywood sides with carbon and glass reinforcing. I don't know if there's an off-the-shelf gooseneck I can adapt or if I should have someone build one. The mast is aluminum - an older Isomat mast that has an old ring style gooseneck fitting I'm going to grind off. The gooseneck I'm hoping for will hopefully be attached with a plate shaped to the mast that I could rivet/screw, since no one in my rural area has welded on masts before (that I'm aware of). I'm very much a boat amateur so don't know much about this stuff.

The boat is a 30' catamaran I built and am finishing. The boom is about 12' 6" long (3.8m), with a mainsail of about 300 - 350 sq. ft. in size on a boat of about 3600 lbs displacement. I'm in Alaska so if that is a consideration on who builds things like custom goosenecks or shipping...

I'll attach a detail of the proposed gooseneck.. just not sure how to make it happen. It shows ears welded to the mast, which might be an option, but if I could have those ears welded to a formed plate that could be screwed or riveted to mast it would be something I could do myself. (I'm not a welder, unfortunately - though I've welded a few things with carbon steel). If I can I'll also attach a pic of the boom as built so far..  The sheave cheeks will be G10 fiberglass sheet.




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I built a little gooseneck last weekend after my kid broke her rig right at the gooseneck fitting. You could fab the whole thing easily enough. I just happened to have the stainless rack shown on the mast in the old junk drawer. I used a g10 piece as the connector. The boom just has 2 carbon tabs sticking out that over lap and are pinned to the g10 with a single bolt.

I’ll upload a photo later as the load functions not working right now...


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