Building carbon parts


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I am updating an older Marstrom Tornado and would like to try to build some of the parts instead of having to import them from Europe. I am thinking about building the compression pole mount using some carbon fiber tube I already have that will fit the pole, but I do not know the best way to build the plate section for attaching hardware and the post itself. Any recommendations?

Tornado pole mount.jpg


JMS 52

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Exactly what basketcase said. Take your tube and cut it to size. Then glue and fillet on a small piece of carbon plate. If you dont have any plate, simply lay some up on a flat surface and then trim to size. Once your plate is on, then just laminate on either side of the plate and tube until your at your desired tang thickness. You're going to get most of your strength out of the secondary laminating opperation, so the trick is to make your carbon plate that you glued on to be as thin as you can and have it act as a former for the secondary laminate that will make up the majority of your tang thickness.