Bulkhead clips for short ladder

I'm going to make a two-step wood companionway ladder. 

The bottom of the stringers will rest on the cabin sole and the top will lean against a vertical motor box panel.

I need some kind of hardware to secure the ladder top to  the vertical panel.



HFC Hunter

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KISS clips. One in each side mounted on the bulkhead, with a couple of little cheek blocks to take side force. Some locating dowel lugs on the bottom of the legs help as well.



Rain Man

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I made my own out of 1/2" solid fir with a few layers of 6 oz cloth epoxied over the top then finished in a bunch of coats of epoxy followed by anti-uv varnish.  Lousy picture of one of them below.  The design was a square up against the bulkhead with a semicircle attached perpendicularly to the square.  The semicircle has a hole in it to hold a bolt with large stainless washers on both sides.  This allows the ladder to swing up, which is the best design for this boat.  If you don't need swing up this will still work well.


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