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Had an awesome day with USCG sector NY. Went for a ride in one of their newish 45' jet drive patrol boats. Pickup was at north cove, went for a boat ride and then landed at their base on Staten Island and had a tour of what I would call their command center. No pictures allowed in the center but it is basically two parts. One is harbor traffic control and the other is rescue. Saw how the rescue 21 system works, (Think that is the name) and saw them working active cases. Interesting I asked in a emergency if they rather you call them on 16 or a cell phone and they said it does not matter to them these days. The 911 system triangulate the call or get the position good enough and that is passed through. This is a picture of me driving the boat. Joy stick control. View attachment 525383

Obviously, you are the guy on the right (left seat) in Civvies, but the Coastie driving in the other seat has a big ass shit-eating grin!! :D
Lucky guy!! How does one sign up for that tour???


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Obviously, you are the guy on the right (left seat) in Civvies, but the Coastie driving in the other seat has a big ass shit-eating grin!! :D
Lucky guy!! How does one sign up for that tour???
Got an invite through the USCG Foundation. Basically they entertain you and show you around all day, cocktails at NYYC (missed that since I came by boat directly to North Cove) and then they ask you for money.


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Some final closure on this story - 36-foot sailboat Kyklades :


Virginia Beach couple share their story after week-long Coast Guard search​

The couple was on their way to Europe when they ran into a storm that knocked out power and the navigation system on their boat.
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The Virginia Beach couple at the center of a Coast Guard search in the Atlantic Ocean are safely back at home – and they made it all on their own.
Sixty-eight-year-old Yanni Nikopoulos and 65-year-old Dale Evelyn Jones tied the knot just a few months ago. Their love for each other is only matched by their love of the sea.

“The ocean is in my soul, it’s in my blood,” Jones said. “We have a common love of sailboats so everything just kind of matched."

Jones has always lived close to the ocean while Nikopoulos said he was born on a sailboat. So it made sense that three weeks ago, the couple would set sail across the Atlantic on a trip to Europe.

On June 8, the couple left Hampton for Portugal, from Old Point Comfort Marina.

They packed six months’ worth of food and brought their 15-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Buddy, along for the ride. But things didn’t go as planned.

“The first storm started. Then, the second storm started. Then, a little bit of quiet," Nikopoulos said. "You know, we went through six storms, two of them were lightning storms.”

On June 13, five days after they left, the couple ran into trouble. Lightning struck their boat.

“All of a sudden it was like, ‘Bam!’ It threw my hands off the wheel and all the lights went out and I said, ‘Yanni, I think I need you!’” Jones said.

Their boat’s electrical system went out, their navigation and communication systems crashed, the food in the boat’s freezer was at imminent risk of going bad, and the strong winds shredded their head sail.

“Eventually, it was claimed by the ocean," Nikopoulos said. "The sail was gone.”

With no sail and no electricity, the couple only had one option: they turned back around.

“We have no communication, so there’s no point of another five weeks of going to Europe without any communication or knowing what to expect," Nikopoulos said. "Everything was destroyed.”

Meanwhile back on shore, after not hearing from them for a few days, their family contacted the Coast Guard on June 17, reporting them missing at sea. The couple’s plight grabbed headlines.

“It’s not only a national story," Nikopoulos said. "My son in Greece phoned us, he saw it on the news in Greece. He said, “What’s going on? I’m so worried.’”

The couple said at the time, they had no idea the Coast Guard might have been looking for them.

After a week-long search, the Coast Guard confirmed they found the couple safe on June 24, roughly 80 miles east of Chincoteague.

Nikopoulos said he rigged a VHF radio to make contact.

But throughout the ordeal, the couple never panicked and they didn’t need rescue. The Coast Guard found the couple sailing back to Virginia on their own. They rigged a sail that worked well enough to carry them all the way home.

“Not much scares me. I’m willing to try anything. I’ve always been a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, anyway," Jones joked. “I left here as a cruise ship passenger, and I came back a sailor.”

They said they’re already planning to try the trip again next year.

The Coast Guard said when they contacted the couple, the couple told them they were not in distress and did not need any assistance.