Buying Hydroptere, fastest ocean going trimaran


Is that what the article says? Without subscribing, it stops with a description of having to remove the 7-meter main traveler in December so as to make the load narrow enough to truck. One of the headlines mentions a mid-February eta in France. Anybody see this transiting?
This is the AirBus ship that brings the fuselages (and wings?) to Mobile. Plenty of room on the return trip for an old worn out foiler.



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To all those who question the purpose of rescuing this old racing yacht: take a look at the current J-class. Now larger than ever, this resurgence was only made possible by the dedication of those who struggled to save those few original, practically worthless hulks during the 60ies up to the 80ies.

Hydroptere may not be that relevant in the current world, but as one of the very first genuinely effective foiling offshore sailboats, she does have historical significance and is worth saving


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^^^ I knew CW well. Our families were close - he was my brother in law's best man. Hydroptere was definitely up his alley. When I saw that someone had bought her out of impound, I knew it had to be Chris.

He had done the same with Ragtime - buying her out of impound, giving her a second career outshining her first; and with Fossett's submarine and catamaran, Cheyenne (nee Playstation). Also, his old SoCal lifeguard boat, Baywatch. And even the old C&H Sugar Dock wharf - I'm sure a great investment, but mostly, a special property (that could house all his water toys). He even bought back his father's childhood home in Newport Beach.

He was sentimental like that.


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