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ok so my boat has parked some where on the shores of western australia and is now about 3500. it totally sucks not having the internet and only being able to check my boat less than once a week. ahh well. i guess im pretty much out of the race. as its gonna be a while till i get south of australia. not happy.



I have been sailing this race for 59 days now. P 907.Just wondering what will we all do once the race is over?

Get a life again?
I'm not sure that I could manage another RTW tour without a break, but if getting a life again proves difficult, you could always sign on as a new user and start another boat. When I click on one of those random abandoned boats in the med, their ranking numbers have been steadily rising, and are now above 7000, so there must be new people joining. Is this what they mean by a "two boat program"?

As for me, I can see the light, having rounded Cape Horn, and I'm up into the mid-1600's...



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What can I say. I have not been having that great of a run since just before xmas. Over the holidays it was hard to get to check what was going on so you just shut your eyes and hoped for the best. I think the longest time between checking the boat was around 3 days. I have had no real excuse for the last week and was slowly climbing again. But you have to feel like a bit of a dope when for the second time in this race I have had to sail backward to clear the land. Cape Horn is only around the corner but seeming very elusive.

Now in 1926 position and hoping to gain forward progress once again.



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Well after slipping back to 1600 last week after getting up as high as 1430, I have managed to claw back a few positions after the horn and am in mid 1400's. Hughey seems to be looking after me at the moment. Havnt needed to change course today, heading north at 28 degrees sailing with a code 0 up doing 13 knots.

I think it will go to shit soon. This big weather system in the south western Atlantic is right inbetween me and where I want to go.

I got back into the 600s :D

but even bigger than that is \/ \/ sailinganarchy winning.


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I took a gamble and went to the east side of nz and i think it paid off but i lost out today because i was in the car on the way back from being on holidays and couldn't put the kite up. :(

You're running out of runway now though...
Yep, our right - Not enough sleep in the last 4 weeks and this morning we had to pay ... :-( 3 hours without the 10-20 min check and we lost 3 places

Okay, as you all know it is more sweet to come in first - but on the other hand we had a lot of fun and good times with the boys & girls during the race in LS - May be we will finish better next time ...

Congratulations to Claudia and for all of the Boteco1 Sailing Team

The Brazilian girl beat in a virtual Open 60 everybody during the double handed Barcelona World Race

All the weather odds of real racing were thrown at her for nearly 2 month 24/7

Beating everybody can mean a lot of things:

over 7000 registrants

over 2000 properly racing

several old salts incl. our own OCEANPLANET who unfortunately started several days late

the photo is a J-24


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