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Checking the boat in every two hours - yes, got two machines on my desk :) ....sometimes the game is crashing, cant even load the game. Have any of you got the same problem?

Well, sailing around the 1100 place, trying to catch the breeze off the African shore, soon need to head closer to checkpoint.

Have fun folks

15:01:00 GMT

Heading 213

Windspeed 7,5

Winddirc 258

Boatspeed 9,3


30-13-19 N - 13.12.07 W

Rang 492

Climbing up - First time up in the Top 500 ;-)

Got some from the East cost US on Deck for the night shift :)



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well i got through gilbratar ok, only wrecked 2 or 3 times in the med, now am 1459 (i just caught up 12 places in 10mins), theres about 100 boats between me and what appears to be the next boat infront of me (couilledours) and there is 46 boats between me and the boat that is displayed next behind me (sydney) so there are a shitload of competitors in my area.doing 5.9 or so in 2.1 breeze is good i think.
sir, it sounds like we have ourselves a race seeing as im right near you(within 20 spots)But my game wont load at the moment so maybe not. :huh:



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1489 and slowly moving up the ranks. For all of you tha only got wrecked a couple of tims you suck. I spent as much time on the bricks leaving the Med as I did sailing.

Can now give the game a little more attention ad willbe able to check 3 times a day. In good breeze traveling at 19 knots straight towards the gate.



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24 knots average in 13 knots of breeze trying to clear this little island north of the canarys. within 2 mins ive made up 2 spots. B)

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Ooops, never been that fast before - Reality sucks ;-)


I see a but he's in 350th so it can't be you...anyway I'm beating ESF finally as we all blast on towards the doldrums and there's like 300 people right around me so it's all
all the time

2 boat programm - that´s the key for success ;-)

To night I made it in save mode throught the CI Gate - now heading west again ...



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Sydney, AUS
Currently doing 44kts in25kts of breeze. Must have hydrofoils on these things!

Cant wait till the southern ocean with 60Kts up the bum - might crack the ton!



Woke up this morning to find the boat doing 31kts. Slight course correction but still 26kts now and up into 996th. Coming up on Educacion sin Fronteras quickly now.



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if we are doing double the windspeed now in theory we should be able to average 110-120 knots in the southern ocean B) . Is there a gate we have to go through down there or can we go down to like 60 degrees south and sail half the distance af the real boats at 4 times the speed?


i cant acsess the game at the moment either. maybe they are fixing the speed issue? <_<

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