Cali Offshore Race Week

Tom O'Keefe

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Did a lap around the inside of the So Cal 300 course yesterday. Breeze came up very late (4:30 pm) outside Santa Cruz Island. Died relatively early (10:30 pm) coming back in from between San Nicholas and West end of Catalina.

El Borracho

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Pacific Rim
Upwind for today's Coastal Cup entries. No show by Catapult (ex-Pyewacket) and Bueno Sera. Any Goss?

SoCal 300 Wx looks good.
It is slow. As usual, I’m watching for them to sail by the cabin in Big Sur, but it is going to be a while yet. Usually they scream by here. The Windy forecast for tonight looks bleak out there. Wind on Wednesday, though!

silent bob

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New Jersey
Catapult is showing up!


Reineag 2 is transiting Bagel Bay on her way to Santa Barbara.

El Borracho

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Pacific Rim
4 boats are going to get a show when SpaceX lights one off tonight about 11. Three mile safety zone so wide rounding of the point or the launch gets cancelled. Heh. Only Starlink….


Hoopy Frood
Saquo-Pilia Hensha
After a punishing Coastal Cup the last stage of the California Offshore Race week looks pretty nice. Breeze on for legs one and two and early into leg three with the usual lightening into SD. But, not a total shut off (touch wood). A nice onshore flow should give the teams a decent work out.

25 hours or so for a SC 70, 28 hours or so for a J-125. Not too bad at all.

If you want to race from home check out and race an SC 52.


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Routing was pretty close, 25 hrs for SC70 and 27 for the J125.

I see that Nereid had a marine life encounter and heard that Argo4 also hit a large Mola or small whale.

What happened to Reinrag2, dropping out 20 miles from the finish?

Good year for the J125's.

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