California Offshore Race Week 2022


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OUCH.  When you race your ass off for 15 hours but then can't find the virtual finish line and another competitor finds it first. Congrats to Pied Piper for reaching the barn door first. 

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Frank White

Lucky Duck was making 19.9 knots before something must have broken. 19.9 on a Rogers 46 is crazy fast. Anyone know what the record is on that boat? 
 Just saw on the Facebooks that they broke the rig. Safe and sound in San Simeon, going to get some fuel this morning before heading to Moro Bay.


Nick G

I suspect it just got super light and they struggled to make headway in any direction. Artemis is well navigated.. 


Meat Wad

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Common for this race to finish in a dead calm. Especially for the fast boats arriving at night. 
You may be right...A mile earlier they were making 8+.
Anyone know how close they are to the SB East buoy? Right now on Sail Flow it is showing 4knts. At 3am last night it was 10 knts when the top 3 were finishing.
you can look at the graph backwards to see when it dropped off.


silent bob

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Agreed. Peter is not one to F that up.
Santa BooBoo is easy to frig up, especially when there is a strong NW breeze at Conception (Actually Point Arguello).  It causes a back eddy, bringing in a light SE breeze to the east.  Commonly, there is a dead spot in the middle that can go nearly across the whole channel.  One of the ways through is to sail for about mid channel, and then try to reach through. Sometimes it works, sometimes there is no way though until the breeze fills back in.  For several years, the Sleds raced to Conception, and took their own finish times.  Way less of a crap shoot!  

And I'm still trying to clean off the tar off the waterline from the last time I drifted for hours at Coal Oil Point (Another Too Soon Lagoon)!


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full circle

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looks like a full re-start occurring for the leaders. trailing boats are also bringing the new day breeze from astern. nereid looking solid to the south, still in some pressure.



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