CAMPER'S New Zealand Tour

CAMPER sails on NZ tour


Monday, 25 April 2011


CAMPER, the Emirates Team New Zealand yacht for the Volvo Ocean Race, sailed from Auckland today for sea trials off the east coast of New Zealand. The yacht left at noon in rain and 20knot north-easterly winds. The yacht is calling in at five ports – Tauranga, Gisborne, Wellington, Dunedin and Lyttelton – during the next two weeks. While in port, the yacht will be open to the public from 9am to 11am. The itinerary is:

Tauranga, Tuesday April 26;

Gisborne, Friday April 29;

Wellington, Monday May 2;

Dunedin, Thursday May 5 and

Lyttelton, Saturday and Sunday May 7 and 8.

The yacht is due off each port about 7am on the day and will berth by 8am. Public will be welcome to board the yacht and meet the crew from 9am to 11am. Yacht club guests will view the yacht from 11am and some will go sailing after the lunch." The yacht will sail for the next port in the late afternoon.





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First stop is Tauranga and there is currently a significant low pressure system wreaking havoc over central the central and lower North Island! Hopefully they (and the boat) will survive intact!!


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They should be on their way to Gisborne today, which has had a literal shedload of rain in the last day or so! good thing they have all that musto kit!
Yes, weather is shit.

But the crowds still come to the docks to say gooday.

And have a sneak look below.

It is fantastic for kids.

Will mean a lot when they see the boat surfing in the southern ocean or rounding the Horn.

The Gisborne tangata whenua will go down for a look.

Kia kaha!


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thetruth said:
Why did you not do the media job? Not a great start from the new boy. If we are to get media to the people I would rather have too much than nothing. Hopefully he is still not spewing his ass out. With the twitter, facebook and all the old fashioned stuff why is the public still not informed?
Ask Eric Hiscock.

Takes 2 or 3 days to get sealegs.

And suppress the urge to commit suicide.

And, in this case, the poor buggar has to keep filing stories.

When feeling like shit!

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Gisborne is Ngati Porou country, I have roots back there so it's nice to see the boat paying a visit. It's a really lovely place, during the summer you can sit at a bar literally on the edge of the marina and watch the boats come and go

Their Facebook page says that the boat arrived in Gisborne at around 11am Thursday, local time. no multimedia as yet...... maybe I should propose to them that I become their social media guru???

There are new photos up on the team's FB page here

A new blog entry from Hamish the possibly-sea-sick-media-guy here

They also put up a status update which has a description of his job, is as follows

Meet Hamish - the media crew member aboard CAMPER who is writing a blog for us as the boat travels down New Zealand. Under the rules of the Volvo Ocean Race, Hamish is only allowed to do three things - film, cook and help dry the boat. He is not allowed to help with any other crew work. This is Hamish's first off shore sailing and the tour is proving to be a great introduction!
here is the Skipper's update for the 28th of April:


Last night was the first real hit out in anger for CAMPER. The infamous East Cape that everyone had warned us about lived up to it's reputation and dealt us 30-40 knot headwinds from midnight through to this morning. With high seas forecast we pushed hard to get to Gisborne as fast as possible. It was definitely the most difficult harbour entrance I have ever been in to and we were glad to reach the dock. The boat is now currently all cleaned up and ready for viewing between 9am and 11am tomorrow opposite the Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club at Gisborne Marina before we head off for Wellington. It has been an impressive push by both the shore team and sailing team at Emirates Team New Zealand to keep to schedule, nice work everybody. 





Tonight's news is brought to you the the letter Y, as in Youtube!

here are the boys bashing their way into Gisborne, just listen to that hull smacking into the troughs! makes me nervous just listening to it!


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Bashing down to Gisborne in that weather and then forcing the harbour entrance.

Baptism by fire (or water) for the newcomers.

Gisborne is Ngati Porou country, I have roots back there

Hey Kia ora bro',

Do you like Muir's bookshop on Gladstone Rd?

Good coffee too!
Muir's is pretty much the family meeting point when visiting the city! best coffee and best books in town. Was there in January and they still have a very good setup. thankfully it has very good aircon, as it hardly ever dropped below 30c for the week I was there!

Only two days until Camper reaches Wellington, I will try and get some good shots of her at the dock and inside if allowed.....

Perhaps if i'm REALLY lucky I will be one of the six people drawn out of a hat to go for a sail on the harbour!

Will post any updates from the team as I find them!

Went to visit the CAMPER boat today. nice and cosy inside it has to be said! I don't envy those boys having to spend 30-50 days at sea inside that cramped floorspace of a cabin!


Standby for more photos as I deal with the uploader which is saying my files are too big despite them only being 600kb after resizing!!



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Here is the 'kitchen.' Carbonfibre and all!




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Here is the cabin. it's not as red as some people were lamenting! it also has a quite obvious white fleck in the paint, so its not at all hard to stare at for long periods, say if you were at sea!




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Stern... The photos make that ass look MUCH smaller than is really is! you could probably have a good ball game going side to side!




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