Can The Easily Panicked Be Taught To Sail?

Have someone give her lessons on a Sunfish or any one person dingy.  On day one have her turn the boat over and then right it a couple of times.  Then teach the basics and with a hand on the tiller and the other on the sheet, she will better understand how two work together.  Sitting on a rail and going below for beer and finger food will only make her a snacktision/railrock.  She may never steer again but will better understand how it all works .  .  .


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The easily panicked are the drama queens. Even the easily panicked guys are queens.

That is not someone I want to be around -- on board, ashore, anywhere. Go star in some other movie.


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I had a situation 20+ years ago when I thought it would be good to get a bareboat charter certificate. You get forced to take basic sailing + whatever follows.
A husband and wife were in the course. When the wife was driving or performing some task HE would get nervous and intervene.  She was typically doing the right thing or close enough to it.  His anxiety would overwhelm him and he'd grab the tiller and pull it the wrong way. It was an odd situation for the instructor and everyone else who recognized it. I wonder what happened to those too. Anxiety is a tough thing. Displaced anxiety even weirder.

Spouses often get the idea that their spouse cannot possibly do anything right. I have not had that much to do with teaching adults to sail, but have helped run a few classes and it's a stereotype with strong basis in fact: gotta seperate the husbands and wives.



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