Can we please have SOME standards here?


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From the front page:

1. @Anarchist David serves up a puff piece about the 2022 Sydney - Hobart race, including reference to "dockside gossip" that is intended to show how close David is to the action. But he might be advised to check the entrants lists for the CYCA Blue Water Pointscore series that may cast a different light on his "close to the source" writings. As many people here know, one well known player is unlikely to be fronting the start line on December 26, having ostensibly departed the sport.

2. @Brian Hancock writes another breathless article, ostensibly about the Route de Rhum but actually more about himself. Hang on - isn't this the same bloke who was the subject of a thread a year or so ago where it was alleged he was, through his business, taking deposits for sails that were ultimately never delivered? I may have missed the thread that advised that this was all sorted satisfactorily - maybe @Editor or @MrClean could point me to it?

3. Now, @Anarchist David writes another article for the front page about the Nexba situation, demonstrating that he has (or certainly appears to have) no idea what is actually happening on that front and the factors that are holding up the public release of information. Rather than trying to big note himself by beating up a sensitive matter, perhaps David could show some respect to those affected by allowing it to be sorted by the affected persons as they think appropriate. Other parties who may be interested in the outcome are, as always, free to place or withhold their orders as they see fit.

Come on SA, this is embarrassing!

Apologies for stuffing up the @'s - I'm not Facebook or twitter compatible and clearly don't know the correct procedure.


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If the standards were to suddenly change-does that mean you're no longer a Recidivist ?

Don't think we or the offended party ever got a mea culpa from Brian for the shoddy handling but maybe I missed someting.
Third party or sub if you collected a deposit you should be kicking some ass and or communicating..... right?

On the other hand
This is Anarchy , Grocho Marx said it best, "I have principles, if you don't like them, well I have others...."
There are long established standards


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Agree but it aint gonna change. Think it was BJ Porter (whatever happened to him) that described the place as a circus run by monkeys.

Its a place to have fun; not to take seriously (except on rare occasion).
That was back when it was run by monkeys. The monkeys all left except one , and according to one of the former monkeys , the remaining monkey doesn't even bother to proofread the crap that he publishes.

You are probably right. But surely Scot doesnt think Ancient Dave is worth why publish?

cause it was free and didn't need proofreading. end of inquiry.

All covered here and in several other threads.