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JT is quite the flip-flopper-here's what he had to say last month, "Han Dong is an outstanding member of our team and suggestions he is somehow not loyal to Canada should not be entertained".




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Not The Caribbean
A lot of what is called money laundering in Canada; is just flight capital from in real estate deals or whatever, in a nation that is actively hostile to Canada. I can't go yachting and be a blue collar hero at the same time, is my take on it.
Anybody that has half a brain should've moved half their money out of Canuckistan a decade+ ago.

Canada did not have separation of church and state, since before there was a Canada. That the RC church is in some ways a state church in Canada, is because they were trying to be enlightened back in 1774.
Canuckistans only saving grace, is the island of Montreal, and the power provided up by Radisson.

Everything else is just bullshit, which Canuckistan can provide by the metric buttload.

The sooner Freeland is PM, the better. This applies to both Canada and Ukraine.
Chrystia Freeland is the pm no Canadian asked for, but the PM y'all deserve.

Oops, senior moment. This is worth your time. The first part explains how China evolved from Mao forward, including how the US, Canada, and EU helped China to become a (n incredibly effective) market economy which provided an immense growth in wealth. Latter part of video is an excellent discussion of Ukrainian war.

Ignorant idiots with zero clue how the world views Canuckistan, absolutely perfect for this th'd.
Made it through 13mins of self indulgent, ignorant, arrogant, Canuckistan speak, before I pulled the plug and had to retort here.


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This is a positive development IMHO. The trial will function as a de-facto public inquiry. Interestingly, the President of Taiwan will be in the US next week and will meet with Kevin McCarthy. If JT wanted to demonstrate his loyalty to Canada, he could have invited her to Canada.



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Great Lakes
Damn things never left around here. We have hundreds in and around our harbour. Only good thing is that we have many swans (the birds not the boats) to kick butt if the geese get too annoying.
World class legal system.

Story today was about a sweep of shoplifters - 250+ arrested had a total of well over 4000 previous convictions.

Not arrests or crimes - convictions.

It's like fishing - catch and release.
That's exactly the problem.

The for-profit legal system pushes them right back out the door, as soon as they arrive, and off they go back into their daily criminal routine.

Tax Man

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The new ethics commissioner is Romeo LeBlanc's sister in law.
The average person is expected to believe she had no conflict with a minister than has already been cited for violating the ethics rules.

How much thinking would be required to decide this doesn't look good?


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The Tories need to do some oppo research on Chinese investment in his riding, which is mostly Shediac(nice sailing!). If it's a firm making a solid profit shipping out lobster, whatever-that's fine. If it's something vague and LeBlanc is on the board, then PP needs to be asking questions.

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