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The Francis Lee around here is a vanity project and is remarkably slow for its length, with limited sail-carrying power and people-carrying volume. For example, as a 62'er, it rates -3 PHRF and doesn't really sail to it, while Dark Star, a Beiker 44'er - and is a far superior cruising boat - rates -24 and definitely sails to that number or faster. Francis Lee is perhaps more elegant to the eye as Perry is very good at that.

No one would design a pure, fast sailboat with a double-end.
She was designed to be a relaxed Daysailer, not a race boat. She does see double digit speeds often when sailing with just the jib and main. Before I was stuck with cancer in 2020 I use to single hand her (the treatments limited my endurance). She does exactly what she was designed to do. If I had wanted a race boat I would have purchased ICON when she was for sale back a number of years ago. Cheers Kim.