Car Carrying Ship on Fire

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Wet coast.
I still find it very odd that vehicle batteries are still just a large number of 18650's.



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 Firefighting systems need to be re-thought to deal with these lithium-ion batteries.  The insurance side will also need a lot of re-vamping on the part of the insurers.
There were a few planes falling out of the sky due to lithium-ion batteries with a bunch of new regs because of this.  One is that no lithium-ion batteries as cargo on passenger flights and I believe for freighters the batteries have to be <30% charged.

Seem to remember a 747 going down and batteries in the FDR overheating with the 787s - I'm sure there are a few others.



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I still find it very odd that vehicle batteries are still just a large number of 18650's
Basically Tesla Model S and Y. Not sure which others. Googling said it was just Tesla. 

Elon did recognize that 18650s were a commodity that were powering most laptops of the day and were thus cheaper on a W/$ basic. But most have changed to pouch cells now. Tesla 3 uses bigger cylinder batteries called a 21XXX something.



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So, a few minutes with the google hinted that self heating in thermal runaway is lower at lower states of charge. There appear to be other factors as well but SOC is easily controllable. Do they ship the EVs with mostly discharged batteries? Should they?



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I will point out that when using water to put out a fire on a ship, all the water has to be pumped out before the ship sinks.   That gets complicated if the fire results in a loss of electrical power.  I was trained as a marine engineer and was the Assistant Marine Systems Engineering Officer for a number of years onboard one of the big grey ships so I have some familiarity with this issue.  

I am curious if an abandoned ship could have automatic sprinklers activate but no associated pumping.   That would sink a ship.  


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