Cat Trax for solo launching/recovery?


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Does anyone have experience using the Cat Trax beach dolly?  I have an X-cat (16', 170lbs) and have been using kayak carts to launch and recover solo.  Launching is doable, but rolling it back up the sandy beach to a cement ramp by myself is pretty much impossible.  Wondering if the Cat Trax would be any better?



I use them to solo a Hobie wave 125 meters (according to Google earth) across soft sand in Virginia Beach. I often use the sail to assist but be careful with that because you can really scare a tourist.
I like to think of myself as pretty strong but in reality I’m kind of a wiry chicken legged guy and I don’t think this would be possible for me to do solo without the cat trax.



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They're definitely easier to use than then big yellow plastic wheels, Joe at Joyrider TV makes it look pretty easy,


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They are awesome. All the A Class catamarans use them with a hull cradle on each side.  Rolls well on pavement, beaches, grass, mud etc.  Float nicely and stay in touch with the boat in the water  

There is a European maker with Euro Trax too if I remember the name right but will be harder to get In the US. Both work well. 



I think it depends on how steep your beach is.  Where I launch, it is fairly steep, and I was really disappointed when I got my CatTrax.  Just no way at all it was going to happen solo.   Easier to walk it up the beach, twisting one way and then the other, but still bloody hard.  This was with my Hobie 16, which is maybe a little heaver than some of the more recent stuff, so that might make a difference.  Also, makes a big difference how flat the water is.  If you are unloading in some surf, you cannot really leave the boat there unattended while you walk your CatTrax back up the beach.



Have had the Euro trax and can't fault them .

Didn't matter what surface or gradient .

This was on an F16 and all my mates with considerably heavier F18s never have any issues .

The only thing I can think of is that maybe yours are inflated too high ??



The Cat Trax are heavy to carry on your shoulders going thru a crowded beach filled with sun bathers but other than that, it's the standard for cat launch and retrieval. As said above, the cradles are the ticket.
  Yes all those types of trollies are heavy but it's amazing that with the big diameter wheels and delron bearings how they seem to take all the weight out of the boat while wheeling them around .


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