Catalina Mooring Late Checkout Fee!!??

Thanks for your thoughts on this everyone. I guess it is a new world. I have enjoyed hundreds of stays at the island without being charged so I'll stop whining. I supposed if I do the math it probably works out to about 0.27 a night. And to be fair, the moorings now seem to be pretty well maintained year round and that's not without cost. When I was growing up if we wanted to pick up a mooring in early spring it would take about five tries before we found one with a sand line still connected, and it was a smelly, goopy, marine mess. That hasn't been my experience the last few years.

Thanks for the reminisce about Cat and Little Harbor too. Its been a very long time since we've spent time over there, great memories, might have to take a trip back. I last surfed at Shark, gawd, 45 years ago?!!! Holy crap, yikes!

You kids get off my lawn!

Rob W


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Gratuitous pic of Cat Harbor I took a couple weeks ago. Now back in the office... sigh...



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Nice views! When I briefly lived in Flagstaff a couple years back, I did the Humphrey's Peak trail several times, including once from the very bottom (instead of driving to the Snowbowl parking lot). The 'short' version is 3300' elevation gain, ending at 12,600'. Even I was sucking some air by the summit, and I live at 7500'. The folks coming to it from sea level were looking a bit Smurfy around the gills.:oops:


First trip to Catalina was in a venture 17 with my 2 brothers and my folks. The folks would probably get arrested for that now.

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