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+1 on the bob is a PIA to work with.

He is opinionated, stubborn, surly and temperamental when questioned by amatuers, and believes he knows better than everyone else. The problem is, he's right 99% of the time, so he's earned the right to be opinionated, stubborn, surly and temperamental with clients and to believe he knows best. As a client, you either come to love and accept that -- and have enough balls and passion to keep asking questions and advocating changes even while being scolded -- or you find a designer who will build you whatever piece of shit you think up. There are plenty of those designers out there, and they're looking for work. What I love about Bob is that he tells me to shut up and he has for two years. He tells me I am an amateur. He reminds me that I have sailed on maybe 10 or so boats in my life and he has sailed on hundreds. He tells me to let him design the boat, just tell him the outcomes I want. It takes guts to treat paying clients that way. And bob does it not because he has a big ego (ok, maybe you do Bob), but becasue in the end Bob wants the boat to be safe, fast and accomadte my familys needs.

Thanks for posting the hull shot with the midget in it Bob, that ally helped with perspective and now Ms. ND is scared out of her minds out the size of the boat. "it's so HUGE, I never realized..." is not something a husband wants to hear while buildings a boat.

In fairness,MIT is big, but boats look big out of the water and an empty hull always looks huge. for 61 feet, she's a narrow boat with LSW of around 45,000 pounds (50,000 DSW). Most cruisers this size are wider by a few feet and heavier. I have a friend with a Halberg Rassey 62. Same waterline length of about 50 feet but it's about 75,000 pounds and about two feet wider. That is jot a bad thing, but it matters in many aas. So yeah, our hull is big but it's all relative.

I'm planning strip soon to PSC and will be reporting back soon and posting pics.


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PS with this stupid new interface and editor, I now don't know how to edit typos and such in my posts, so you guys just have to make due. I'm an old fart and despise change, what was wrong with the old interface and editor??



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SWMBO said the same thing Paul: "The Sliver is sooooo big! Why do we need a 62 foot boat?"

Answer: "Water line length dear"


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The feeling of the "size" of the boat will go through phases. There will come a time when you think, "I should have made it bigger." Almost every client does. Right now it's just a big empty hole so it does look huge. Once we break it up with bulkheads it will shrink a bit.

My dogs like me. That is important.

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After a bit it will seem small, the only time it feels big is when we have to bring it along the east side of a north/south pier and its blowing the fucking dogs off the chains from the west. Then it can be a handfull for the two of us. Since we day sail the boat quite a bit, retirement is a couple years off yet, we put ourselves at risk because we sail to a schedule. Since you are retired you should be able to hold of heading into a less then desirable situation.

If you want Polly's reflections on sailing a 61 footer I'm sure she woud be happy to pipe in.

Plus what Bob said..........

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Joli, from all you have shared about your Polly, she is one peson whom I know that I would have a fantatic time sailing with. Spunky, smart, confident and capable. : )

Welcome back ND. Hope you enjoyed a great time away, sailing.


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PS with this stupid new interface and editor, I now don't know how to edit typos and such in my posts, so you guys just have to make due. I'm an old fart and despise change, what was wrong with the old interface and editor??

Bob was having that same problem he's an amateur at this internet stuff and did not know any better than to use Internet Exploder. If you can imagine. ;)

(You should see an edit button in your posts. If you do not and are using Exploder, change browsers. In fact, if you are using Exploder, change browsers anyway. Thanks on behalf of the rest of the internet.)



with Safari, the edit button is somewhat faded and only lights up when you put the cursor over it.

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with Safari, the edit button is somewhat faded and only lights up when you put the cursor over it.
Hey, ND, based on the kinds of typos you're making I'm guessing you're typing with an iPad (I still think that name belongs in the ladies section of the drug store). The editor will work, but you have to hop on it right away as some idiot decided posts should only be edited for a little while, re-writing history is denied to us.

As to the size and weight of CATARI,J our Wyle-65 SAGA was considered "light" by most serious cruisers at 70,000lb but not slender at 18' beam. I didn't like the beam at first but came to love the form stability it provided. Most families enjoy sailing without a lot of heel.

I think the mold looks wonderful and I'm in love with the shape of the transom and quarters. But none of that matters as it's not my boat.

Bob is right about the boat feeling too big and then too small. I would only add that eventually it will feel completely "normal". We humans do that. We take something really amazing and after we've been around it a long long time it becomes our definition of normal. I remind myself to avoid that when I'm with my sweetheart and out sailing. It's so easy to become overly accustom to things and people. CATARI is a wonderful design and will be a terrific boat!


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Bob.... read the nice article in Bluewater Sailing today. Designer's Notes are always so interesting. So many of the elements of a boat are so damn subtle that they are easily missed. I liked the reference to a mizzen that actually provides drive. I keep looking at the design and can't imagine it any way but a ketch.

Is the little filet at the aft end of the keel to add strength or span or both ?


Bob Perry

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We have a deep grp sump above the lead. The aft end can see some bigkloads in a grounding. I like to soften the transition from the fin to the hull with a generous fillet there to help get those loads spread out. Given the relatively low aspect ratio of this fin there may also be hydrodynamic advantages with the fillet. To my eye it just looks correct.


Bob Perry

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The hull mold is being prepared at the yad for the first laminates. The deck tool is being finished at the CNC shop. Rasper is working with CNC team and PSC on final deck details. All is on track. ND has decided to lay low and take a break from CA. For a "retired" guy he is extremely busy.

Just when he thinks he is getting out, they pull him back in.

Me? I'm going fishing.


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The thing about retirement is that the to do list every morning is stuff you want to do. And do it right, because you 'have the time'.

Nothing to avoid, put off, forget, forgo etc.

I'm glad I had my own business for 42 years to get me trained for this. After all, life is a service business.

As for the boat size thing, we went from an Ultimate 20 to Amati, which is 39'11.995". I remember looking at the bow waaaay out there and thinking WTF? Now she feels like a big dinghy. When things get crowded, we slow down.

If you think about it, boats are huge things. I remember a pic of me next to my brother's F2 Lightning fun board. The board is vertical, and I'm standing next to it, like a classic surf shot. Windsurfers are considered tiny in the sailing world. The Lightning is about an 11' board.

The thing is almost twice my height! A 14' Kayak is considered really small, and it's longer than a Lightning. When we take Amati out of the water, I'm always having that WTF moment, because she is big. And she's considered small for a 39'11.995"er.

There will come that moment when Catari seems small. It's like the moment when the Big Lucy suddenly sounded intimate. In the Met. With Sutherland. Short too.

: :) :

And if you handle the boat without drama your wife will feel very snug. But make sure you find out which way your prop walk goes.

Do not take " it's fine" for an answer. Bridges? Going under The Narrows suspension bridges, I'm always convinced we're going to touch. And it's one of the bigger ones around.....


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