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Ventucky Red

Super Anarchist
I love that a cat's resting face is either What U lookin' at or FUCK OFF!
Or, 'how dare you interupt me while I am cleaning.."



Notte that you no .....
Your signature startles me Every . . . Fucking . . . Time.

We found a mackerel tabby kitten under our house about six months ago. I think he got separated from his mom (a local feral) in a thunderstorm. After she disappeared, my family voted to keep him (I was the lone dissenter and now totally fit the dad who didn’t want the cat meme). He has mostly taken up residence in a detached outbuilding that has my office and a family rec room.

One of his favorite games is to hide and pounce on me. It’s Clouseau v. Cato every time I go into my office. So when your sig makes pops up it’s like he is springing out of the monitor at me.

(I know I can hide sigs, but it doesn’t always hold across devices/login sessions).



duluth, mn
I have two cats, mostly because I am allergic to dogs. (WTF?)
I don't understand cat hatred, but I certainly understand why people prefer dogs. OTOH, when you are leaving a cat for the weekend you just put out some food and fresh litter. Dog sitter not required. Since we have a weekend house, I can appreciate that!
Most people don't need a dogsitter often as the dog goes everywhere with them, not so with cats.


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Actually, carnivore poop is not particularly good fertilizer. Slightly better than nothing, though.

However, it's still an open question why cat owners feel they are such exalted beings that having their cats shit in the neighbors yards... or on their car, or on their steps, as I've seen happen fairly often... is doing them a favor, when the same people burst a gasket at the idea of a dog roaming the neighborhood.
I can explain. Cats outdoors are inherently cool and a great addition to any neighborhood. Dogs running around are not very cool (unless they’re puppies) but even then it gets old because if you don’t coral the puppy it’s likely to do something really bad.