Interesting point, in Australia they are relentless killing machines causing untold destruction of our native fauna. Yes they make good companions. No argument there. But they are not appropriate here. Feral cats, dogs and Camels are some of the problems. That’s why we are trying to remove them. it needs to be done on an industrial scale.
It's the feral cats causing the issues, as opposed to domesticated city and town cats I guess? Australians see the ferals as a pest to be eradicated? We have a similar view in NZ towards possums and other critters. In fact ferals are responsible for native bird life decimation more so than their domestic cousins but at times they stand equally accused.
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But.... Are they?
It's been said that cats will smother evil human babies in their sleep... And we all know that cats will try to kill you as you walk down a flight of stairs.....
Cats are devious creatures, that try to lead you to believe that they are cute, cuddly, warm and furry.... But they really are just miniature Tigers, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting goat kid that we all as humans really are, to them.
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The Panthers of the South American Amazon variety feast on Caimans.
,, maybe too subtle.
I wasn't thinking about lizards

Cats ,,, are inherently cool.
Way cooler in the bait well of the bigass live trap for the Magnificent

,,, running free in Washington
:) ,, more than happy to help

?? can you pick up the tab for the U-haul and fuel from Eastern Washington to your 'hood ??


you have a much better chance of seeing a jaguar in the Pantanal than in the Amazon.
Fakenewb is a product of a failed community college,,
, he doesn't realize that "Panther" is just one of the names applied to the housecat in my pic.

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Charlie is at it again. I went to wash my hands in the kitchen.

Looks can be deceiving, Charlie is really a sweet guy, I think he was actually yawning. He loves people and belly rubs.