Challenging Course Set by Sarnia YC Race Committee

I don't know jack about racing. I'm a cruiser. And I don't know much about that either but I'm learning.

But to my uneducated eye, this seems like a diabolical course to me!

SYC Race Marker.jpg

For the Paul Harvey fans out there, here's the rest of the story.

The picture is about two years old. I walk my dog Jenny from our home down to the end of the beach and back on occasion. Particularly if there is a good blow; love the sound of the water. Did the same walk a couple of days ago which made me track down the image. I printed out a 12" x 18" print because I like it. Had house to myself last night after a month of company. Have never posted, wasn't sure where to post but thought would make people smile. So I posted.

I got a PM from SYC's race director asking me if I could pinpoint the precise location of the marker because members had been down to pick it up and couldn't locate it. I found it strange that they had done without it for two years (remember, I prefaced saying I am not racer so ignorant of racing everything) and weird that someone had stolen it and never returned it. That's when the penny dropped for me. Yesterday we had a blow out of the north that gusted to, perhaps, the high 30's. They thought it had happened again!

So I PM'd back asking "How much is it worth to you?"

But I couldn't go through with it. I knew the Race Director from when he kicked my ass playing squash. I called him to let him know it was an old picture.

Glad people got a kick out of it.

So now you know the rest of the story.