Changing Laser rig sizes.


Our juniors do race training on Saturday morning, they tend to choose the rig sizes depending on the wind strength and how they feel that morning. We have enough for everyone to make their own choice.

For race training is this a good idea, or might it be better to select a rig depending on their weight and stay with that rig?


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We have all the kids in ILCA 5/radials, and set an upper limit of 17 knots (I think that's what it is, maybe 18?)

Not sure how else you'd walk through setup, have kids learn from others (why is that boat faster, pointing higher, etc)

However, very few "beginners" in this course. These are kids in their teens who've usually come up through smaller boats and then choose Single or Doublehanded


We have a mix of 4s and 6s in our youth fleet - we like to start them in 4s and once they start to understand hiking and sheeting they move up to the 6 - for sailing on our mostly flat waters west of the Harbour Bridge. For regattas ton open waters hey race 4s until about 60kg and competent.


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We practice what we race.

I understand that it may be less fun to sail a 4/4.7 under 10kts, so they switch to the 6/radial. The problem is when they are racing they will be in a 4/4.7 regardless of the conditions. Likewise if they are a 6/radial sailor and practice with a 4/4.7 when it's blowing 20kts, they will never learn to properly depower the bigger sail or gain stamina.


We allow kids (and adults) to change down, but they have to keep the handicap for the biggest rig they use in the season or regatta. We want them to have fun and to get around the racecourse. If they want to get serious then they can choose to sail the Radial all the time.
I like to have our kids practice what they will race based on weight. But I generally start them in ilca 4s then move them up to 6s when they are ready. As a tool sometimes about once a month I’ll have them go out for a really short intense session in a size up so 6s go to 7s and 4s go to 6s. I usually choose conditions in which they would start depowering their normal rig size. It’s great for fitness and it makes it feel way easier when they go back to their normal rigs.