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Myrtle Beach,
Glad to have you out there - certainly looked nice seeing a great ketch going round our marks!  Sorry I missed this thread til it was all over.  I was out there with you on Cheers (Santana 30/30) and missed you at the party as I was chasing my little toddler dancing around the beach...

This was my second CRW and a great improvement vs last year where we didn't have any real shore events.  

I'd agree your suggestions would be better for offshore, but I think they have to optimize for the four inshore circles with the majority of racers.  They run so many races in a day they can't really time the tides.  Not to mention they have to thread the dates every April between Easter, some other local event the name I forgot, etc and you're only left with so much.  But when we do local offshore stints, they do try to time it so you at least get a friendly tide coming back in - though that can be hard when you have a mixed fleet with PHRF anywhere from -90 (trimaran) and -6 (Club Swan 42) all the way to the guys who finish bloody damn near a day later with full keels at 280+!  Sooo - we end up having to dip into the channel with max ebb tide and you're barely making headway as you round the mark!!  Still - makes for lively conversations at the back of the boat!
Congrats on your podium.

We had our challenges; Tired from delivery, misreading documents, "Mature" crew not familiar with boat/sails etc.

With the Pursuit format, its not that hard to figure out what the likely speeds ==> times for a course will be, and work out what the starting times should be for a median boat to be halfway done with the tide swaps. Given a few of our spectacular whoopsies, that may have not made a difference, but grinding along at a SOG which is a minor fraction of speed through the water is tedious. 

I was more annoyed at being required to be in the channel... We had a fun encounter with the outbound Container ship on Day 3, that ended up turning a blown tack from spin halyard foul into a re-rounding of a large steel mark... 

(FWIW: Lioness is a yawl... mizzen behind rudder post, and about 1/2 Main height) 

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Here is a question: The offset mark was to starboard of the windward mark, rather than the standard off to port, looking upwind.

Marks left to port.

What if a boat rounded the windward mark between it and the now misplaced offset and just took off downwind. Would it not have then left both marks to port in the final analysis? The "string' would seem to make it OK. I think. What do you think.....

One VX1 did just that, as shown on the TP2 Day Two film. 
My initial thought on this was the two marks were so close together a VX couldn't get between the two.  If one did then IMO they should have been DQ'd.  SI's clearly state both WM and offset must be left to port....I don't believe they mention in what order.  However, the course diagram shows WM being rounded 1st.  Definitely a good one to ponder....

Could it be argued that until the windward mark was rounded, the offset mark was not yet a mark of the course?

Then when the windward mark WAS rounfed, the offset would be off to port.

Yes, there was room to go between. The windward mark anchor rode was 75-feet long in 18 feet of water. The anchor was attached to the offset anchor. So perhaps 50 feet apart.