Cheap Russian Wives Really ???


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chicks like that are more of a lease than renting or owning.

nice and flashy at start a couple of years in you get a few dings and wear marks you throw down a another deposit and get a new model. someone else takes care of the disposal of the old one.

if you have cash to splash sounds like a great idea...



Where do sailing and russion chicks cross roads?

Perhaps the common areas are, you need disposable income for both. Its all about sports, healthy phyisical and mental activity. Maintenance of both are challenging. Having one at the cutting edge of competition is difficult.

You keep and care for them only to enjoy for short bursts of joy and satisfaction. Depriciates rapidly in value and resale is often disappointing. Last but not least somtimes finding a berth is problematic and costly.

I guess there are lots of commonalities.



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Buddy of mine bought....I mean met one over 10 years ago. She's blazing hot, loves to tie flies and drink vodka and they're still together.

Instead of bitchin about the ad maybe some of you wankers should start saving your money. Enter the promotional code "shin-dick" for a special SA discount.



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since this is a first time advertiser, a noob so to speak, shouldn't they start off with some boobs ?

funny thing with these russian girls is that up to their +/-30 they can be ever so pretty, lean and appealing and next POOOOFFFF and suddenly they have morphed into one toothed fat little babushka's, neat trick that one. B)

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