Cheap VO70 (to buy/not run)

Delta Blues

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The purchase price is just a downpayment. To start with you'll be replacing tons of worn out expensive parts, lines and sails. And there you just doubled the price!



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Unless you have the budget to buy spares/sikaflex/peoplewithknowledge I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. I know someone who has gone down the cheap Volvo 70 route and it's a labour of love and not a viable business model. small mistakes have HUGE consequences and these boats are man eaters. On the plus side cruising at 20+kts is great fun, as is playing chicken with ships and performing high speed fly byes past unsuspecting cruisers (easing a high loaded line on a carbon drum adds to the fun of fly byes)



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Pretty sure the 1st boat which ended up as AA2 was launched first and was a training platform for the older guys, then when the new boat was built, the old heavy one was given to the kids.



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So the good news is that the 3Di sails from the last race held up much better than the sails from any other VO 70. You could do some container shopping and get a decent inventory for a year or so. Some sails have even been bartered for whiskey........ Live large, the boats are fun



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For the amount of money you would pay to run this thing, you could easily afford a big gunboat and be faster and more comfy, no? Sure, it wouldn't result in as many stories, and it wouldn't be as legendary, and you wouldn't have as many things to worry about, but...