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Mac prep this year included getting the seat patch stitching resewn on my foulie pants. Stitching was worn out, Henri Lloyd needed a couple weeks to evaluate and determine if warranty covered or not and told me they were likely beyond useful life, so not likely covered. Emailed Outerwear Repair (they've done great work for me before) in early June and it was going to be no problem to repair and send back by July 8 (gave myself some cushion in case of delivery issues). I delayed sending until just last week and still got my bibs back today! Repair+return shipping only $35! Great customer service, responsive, fast and great repair work. I'll be getting new foulies for next season, but when those start to wear out, Brenda at Outerwear Repair will get my business.

Outerwear Repair

Brenda Wiley - Seamstress

604 Opening Hill Road

Madison, CT 06443

Phone: (203)421-8485

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Looking for some local knowledge from the Chicago crowd:

My 14 year old son is fascinated by trains and the various swing and lift bridges that carry trains over rivers, etc. We're contemplating doing a Chicago "river tour" on our 18ft center console to get a closer look at bridges going over the rivers & channels in the Chicago area. Where should we consider going? Are there any navigational challenges we should be mindful of? Where would be a good place to launch our boat? Any and all local knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
I don't know of a boat ramp on the river... the harbors have them, but you would have to pay the toll at the lock which isn't cheap. However there are still a few boat yards on the south branch that one of may have a ramp, or let you use their crane. Or you could try all the way up north at the harbor near B'hai temple. I think they have a boat ramp inside of the lock up there. Though that would be a long trip to downtown.

As for the river itself, the north branch is pretty, and has a number of smaller bridges. Downtown and loop are nice, but it gets ugly pretty quickly south of Roosevelt Ave.

Also if launching turns into to much of a hassle there is always the architectural boat tour.



there is a "public" (and I beleive free) river launch for ski's, canoes, and powerboats, at Western avenue, just north or south of 55. We canoe out there, and typically turn around (and head back into the city) at or around the western ramp, cuz the water gets, how shall i Put it.....very "thick", the further west one travels. A decent trip for you guys, could be putting in at Western, heading into the city, then heading up the north branch (or out to the lake for that matter) at the merger of North and south branch, aka "Wolf's point." If ya like trains, then you'll get your fill by traversing the south branch.



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So little Mac Chatter - okay, I will start it off - what about this forecast?

The WPC surface forecast for Friday continues to show Lake Michigan under the influence of a large area of high pressure. While the GFS wind forecast for Friday afternoon suggests southerly winds of less than 10 knots, I am concerned that the wind forecast may be too optimistic. Considering the weak pressure gradient over southern Lake Michigan, a forecast for light and variable winds may be more appropriate.

On Saturday, the pressure gradient near Lake Michigan increases in advance of a slow-moving cold front. This increased gradient should promote southerly breezes in the range of 10 to 15 knots from Saturday morning into Saturday afternoon.

Between Saturday and Sunday morning, the cold front is expected to make little forward progress as it advances from central Minnesota to the northwestern shore of Lake Superior. The pressure gradient is forecast to relax during this period resulting in southwesterly winds of 10 knots or less during Saturday night and Sunday.

The cold front will finally make its way down Lake Michigan on Monday. Southwesterly winds of 10 knots or less are expected for most of Monday.

Due to the persistent cold front in the upper Midwest, there is a threat for severe thunderstorms over northern Lake Michigan from Saturday into Monday. At this point, the probability is too low to predict.

It was mean. Sorry.

Everyone sail fast!
Nah, It was funny. I won't be at the party on Friday so I'll see you and all you other clowns up on the Island - and everyone from Circus, too ;)
I'm missing this year. We have a gig on Saturday at the Frankfort Bluegrass Fest (great line-up, despite the fact we're booked) & my daughters 21st birthday on Sunday.

Sail fast - Have fun



Need a car ride to PH friday afternoon from chicago... happy to share expenses... please pm me. thanks
posted a bit ago, didn't hear any responses. taking mid-day Amtrak to detroit.

anyone doing the same? easiest/cheapest way to get from detroit to PH?


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