Chicago to Mac race


West coast guy looking for last minute ride for the Chicago - Mac race. Looking to check off this race on my bucket list and meet some new sailing friends and have a blast.I realize it is last minute so I am not picky at this point. I have 50,000 ocean racing miles of experience on the west coast including 5 Transpac races, 4-5 Cabo and 4 PV Mexico races. Some of the boats Olsen 40,Columbia 32 sport boat, Choate 40, Andrews 68 (Condor my current race boat up for sale) owned by Lindy Thomas, also Thomas 35, Henderson 30, J-35 etc.I like all positions except bow. Love to cook and eat, can fix most stuff and am available for delivery back if needed.I do have 50 ton captains lic., saftey at sea, first aid, and know celestial navigation. I think I am a fun and fast guy to race with so PM if you have last minute crew needs.refs and SV on request. 5'9", 168 lbs and fit.



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Chicagoan available for vehicle transport up to Mackinaw. Planning on assist with return trip, need a way up. Safe, responsible driver.

Also available as last minute crew for any boats in need. Experienced dinghy sailor and racer, limited big boat experience but quick learner. Fit, 175 lb, 6' 4''. Personal message me if interested.